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All 5 Albums for £36
First 3 Albums for £16
(Winejig, Land Under Water and Spark) 

Full Circle  
2010 Salt & Slate Records.  Recorded and engineered in the homes of Rebecca and Emily using Rode NT1-A and C1000 microphones, M-Audio ProFire interface, GarageBand and MacBook, this is our first home-produced album! 

1. I'll Be There
2. Blues Band
3. Ma Délire
4. A Happier Time
5. The Journey
6. Barrow
7. Sea Never Dry
8. Do Re Mi
9. Undercover
10. Gwenda
11. Down to the River
12. Jesus & the Joker
13. Red Clay Halo
£10 incl. UK P&P



Open All The Doors  

2007 Salt & Slate Records.  Recorded and engineered by Dylan Fowler in his Felinfach Studio, Abergavenny, it features Job Verweijen's world percussion, Dylan Fowler's multi-instrumental talents (piano, guitar, whistles), Nathan Thomson on double bass, Jamie Smith on accordion, Matt Hooper's duduk, Gillian Stevens' cello and KTB's harmonies... It's a deliciously full sound! The thirteen songs include Spade & the Hoe (the gardening song), Mama Don't Worry, Far From Home, A Ei Di'r Deryn Du (Welsh trad.), Storm Song, Blood & Gold (from the singing of Maddy Prior and June Tabor) and a clutch of new songs we've never shared with anyone!

1. A Murder Song
2. Free Man
3. Look in Your Eyes
4. Storm
5. Mama Don't Worry
6. Far From Home
7. Northern Wind
8. Blood and Gold
9. A Ei Di'r Deryn Du
10. Nickel and Dime
11. Better than Me
12. Spade and the Hoe
13. Bad Guy Lullaby

£12 incl. UK P&P





2005 Salt & Slate Records. This is a gorgeous new album, rich in variety: the raucous train song, a salute to new love ("When Spring Comes") and the popular Welsh folk song about disobedient saucepans. Recorded in Llancynfelin near Borth by Loucas Antoniades, Spark features the wonderful cellist Emma Bryden (who also sings harmonies!) and an array of different instruments including bouzouki, harmonica, whistle, as well as the usual guitars and fiddle. Have a listen and enjoy!

Download sample MP3

1.   Ocean
2.   Train of Disdain
3.   Soil
4.   Sospan Fach
5.   Afon Dyfi Lullaby
6.   Blackhole Blues
7.   Abundance Blues
8.   Everything Must End
9.   When Spring Comes
10. Profile
11. Chandeliers
12. Smoking Roses
13. Mystery

£6 incl. UK P&P

Land Under Water

2003 Salt & Slate Records. Recorded in Haroldston West church in Pembrokeshire by Guy Johnson, this album features Emma Bryden’s lovely cello arrangements and Nick Sullivan on percussion. Nick also wrote and sang the meditative, bluesy track On the Path. The cello and drums bring a funky, moody atmosphere to these songs, which were written in several different countries. To be specific: Wales, Spain, England, Holland, Ireland, Wales, France, Wales, Wales, Utah, California, Mexico, Spain. (!!!)

1. Tangled
2. Happy Are We
3. Poppy Post-Mortem
4. On the Path
5. 38 Miles
6. Moonsong
7. Never Ask
8. Galaxy
9. Dragon
10. Great Salt Lake
11. Little Doggy
12. Nancy No
13. Highland Fling
£6 incl. UK P&P



2001. Recorded at Dreamworld Studio, Pembrokeshire, and enhanced by Guy Johnson. Winejig was recorded in two days shortly after our return from four months of living, busking and writing together in Spain. It is a simple affair which some say captures the hot dusky afternoons of Andalucia, as well as the laughter and loneliness in a traveller’s life.

1. Northern Wind
2. Winejig
3. Youth & Beauty
4. Crossroads
5. Raft
6. Pretty Medieval
7. Overcast
8. Solo in March
9. Postcard Song
10. Rats Rant
11. Skin
12. Laundry Threnody
£6 incl. UK P&P




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